Candle with text ‘you are really a topper’ from My Flame

A delicious scented candle made from organic soy wax. This candle has the scent Fresh Cotton and burns for about 25 hours. Dimensions: 75 x 75 x 50 mm.
The outside of the glass is matte with gold letters. The inside of the glass is metallic gold.

This scented candle has a natural wooden wick. We have cut the wick to the correct length and you will never have to trim it again. When blowing out the candle you will notice that little smoke will come off the wick. Of course, the wood used for this fuse comes from sustainable forests.

Support a good cause with this candle! My Flame Lifestyle donates 10% of its turnover to Amnesty International.

Fresh Cotton
A soft and light scent that makes your home smell like it just came out of the washing machine. A fresh, pure and comfortable blend of amber, citrus, lily and jasmine with a soft hint of musk.

Candle topper, my flame