Family planner 2024 A4 Zoedt

This handy family planner helps you keep an overview of all the plans and activities of the whole family. The family planner gives an overview per week, with week numbers and holidays with an annual overview in the front. There are 5 courses per day for 5 family members. Every other week there is a nice quote from Zoedt.
A fun and especially useful family planner

Often the family planner is used as a family agenda. Logically, due to the handy layout you can see at a glance the planned activities per family member, per day or week. Don’t need all 5 boxes? Then use the remaining box, for example, for what we eat today, informal care tasks, notes or groceries.

This nice family planner is printed on one side. Very practical, then you can easily browse through to plan something in the weeks to come. The planner is made of beautiful and thick matte paper. The format of the family planner is A4.

Family planner 2024 A4