Natural bath salts in a nice glass bottle with a scented candle in a beautiful gift box. With these bath salts and scented candle you can relax with the scent Green Tea Time. Light the scented candle, put on some music and you’re all set for your relaxing moment.

The text is written on the bath salts; These sprinkles make you sparkle … even more

A salt bath has a relaxing effect but is also physically good for your body. It helps the skin against cellulite (orange peel skin), muscle pain and it tightens the skin. Of course, you can also use the bath salts alone for a foot bath.

Content: 180 gr.
The recommended amount of bath salts for a bathtub is about 150 grams and for a foot bath about 30 grams.
Candle dimensions: 4.5 x 5 cm with a burning time of approx. 8 hours.

Green Tea Time
This delicious blend of pure green tea and fresh bamboo gives your home a natural, fresh scent. The added floral accents make this a favorite of many.

Natural Dead Sea Salt

Free of SLS/ SLES

Free of PEGs

No alcohol

Not tested on animals
Gift box sparkle