A super nice gift package for the sweetest mother. Nice for Mother’s Day or just to surprise or thank your mother.

The package contains a nice mug with the text ‘The sweetest mommy’, a bag with the text ‘You are nice can I keep you?’, a black pen with hearts and the booklet ‘Dearest mommy’. You still have to fill in this booklet. The booklet has 28 pages and is full of questions and facts about you and your mother. In addition, there is room to paste photos of you! When it is filled in, a beautiful book full of love and memories is created. There are also a number of sweet quotes in it.

You will receive the products in a nice sturdy box with dot pattern, with the text ‘I think you are the sweetest mommy!’ at the top.

We can also send the package directly to the recipient, please fill in the shipping address. And possibly in the comments which text we should write on the card.

Mug with text

Carrying case



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