You’re worth your weight in gold! A nice gift for your sister who is always there for you. The neighbor who is committed to the neighborhood and the caregiver to your mother. This gift is a great compliment as a token of appreciation to put the hard worker in the spotlight and let them relax. This 100%LEUKe shower gel is vegan and has the fresh soft scent of shea butter.

With this gift set you are ready to give it as a gift! Don’t worry about wrapping paper and board tape, because the shower gel is already packed! The packaging is made of FSC certified cardboard. The golden details on the tube and packaging give this shower gel a luxurious look. The gift ribbon on the packaging completes your gift!

  • This shower gel is 100%NICE packaged in a luxury gift box
  • The packaging is made of FSC certified cardboard
  • The shower gel is vegan
  • 150ml


Shower gel, you’re worth your weight in gold