Stacking tower wood set of 3 in 1 box

* EDUCATIONAL GAME: Learning is super fun with the Woody
Treasures wooden stacking toys! Specially designed to
cognitive skills of the child, our stacking rings are a super fun and
fascinating game for toddlers from 18 months
* ✔ MANY SKILLS: These stacking rings for babies can be your
imagination and creativity of the child. They can also help to
logic and reasoning, as well as fine motor skills such as hand-eye
coordination. The building blocks can also help with color and shape
recognition so that your child can make more progress every day.
* ✔ SUPER FUN DESIGN: The developmental toy for babies features 3 wooden
stacks of rings, hexagons and stars. At the top of each stack there
is a figure of a lion, a dog and a frog that children will love. The game has
bright colors and an animated design that will captivate toddlers
from 18 months
* ✔ SURPRISE YOUR TODDLER: This wooden toy for toddlers is a
great birthday or Christmas option for smart and curious toddlers who want
are always looking for more fun. This interactive game is
will definitely make your child’s day better.
* ✔ TOP QUALITY MATERIALS: Our stacking cups are made entirely of
made of wood. They have a polished design that is free of splinters, such as
as well as toxins or chemical dyes. The stacking rings are durable, which:
makes them easier to transport.



Stacking tower wood