What do you give someone who means a lot to you? You want to express your appreciation in a valuable gift. You are worth your weight in gold is the best compliment you can get! This gift package is suitable as a thank you, but also nice as a compliment, congratulations or just as a surprise. In addition to the luxurious look, the items are firmly in the gift package, so suitable to send without damage.

Luxury gift

In the gold-worth package you will find the most popular gift in the collection, namely the foot bath. In the relax by mixing the ingredients from the foot bath and scooping them into a basin. Put your feet up and relax! You come out with soft feet. The body butter is soft and nourishing and has a wonderfully fresh scent of shea butter. The soap heart can be used as hand soap, but wouldn’t that secretly be a shame? The heart soap shines in any room while spreading a fresh scent.

  • Gift box is of sturdy quality and has a luxurious look. Made of FSC certified cardboard.
  • Filled with a foot bath, body butter and soap heart
  • All items are vegan
  • 24 × 21.5 × 6.5 cm
Package: you’re worth your weight in gold