The ‘Tough men’s package’ has a luxurious look and is a full-fledged gift that you can show off. The package is filled with, among other things, a beer shower. This is a soapy water with hops and a shampoo + shower gel in one. Due to the fresh spicy scent of Sweet Basil, this is the only beer that makes you fresher. A soft and nourishing post-shave face balm can also be found in the package. A wax for hair and beard and last but not least; a comb for the finishing touch. As long as your hair is right.

What do I give my dad or husband, A men’s cadau is often difficult! That’s why this men’s package offers a solution! Cool and handy items that will make every guy happy. In addition to the luxurious and sturdy look, the items are firmly packed in the gift package, so suitable to send without damage.

  • Gift package with a luxurious look, made of FSC certified cardboard
  • Filled with: face balm, wax, comb and beer shower (shower gel and shampoo in one)
  • These items have a fresh spicy scent sweet basil for a cool note

Tough men’s package